HRinsiders consists of an experienced workforce that is intimately familiar with the vast array of an organization’s human resources needs.  Our resources include recruiting, employee relations, benefits administration, unemployment claims management, internal investigations, governmental legal compliance, design and implementation of state-of-the-art training programs, employee handbook development and more.

​     We have the experience you need and can depend on our knowledge and discretion. We provide a total outsourcing answer to your needs, covering every aspect of human resources from creating policies and procedures manuals to training your team on compliance.

​     We generally charge by the hour for our consulting services. However, many projects can be quoted at a fixed price. We often recommend to new clients that they consider this per-project option during an evaluation phase. New clients also use our hourly support when they need immediate assistance.

  • Recruiting

 We take pride in “Human” Factor of Human Resources.  This begins with finding the right talent.  Recruiting is more than matching  skill  sets to positions.  It is finding a person that thrives within each organization’s unique culture.  This is where we excel!

  • Worker’s Compensation Management

When accidents happen in the workplace, taking care of the injured employee is everyone’s first priority.  What happens after that can be a maze of frustration.  We can manage the process for you by investigating and documenting the incident.  We will make sure the paperwork is properly prepared and filed, and all pertinent parties are kept informed.

  • Training & Development

HRinsiders can assist in the design and implementation of a customized training program that will meet your organizations needs.  From orientation training to safety programs and skills training ~ we will design a program that works for you.

  • Handbook/Policy Development

Don’t be trapped by a “stock” handbook meant to meet the needs of the many.  Too often this leads to unnecessary and even unlawful policies.  Our team will sit down with you to develop an employee handbook that is right for your organization, with industry-specific policies relevant to your business.  We will review current policies to ensure their compliance and recommend policies for your protection and your employee’s benefit.

  • Employee Relations

We provide personalized, on-site employee relations and excel at employee counseling and dispute resolution.  It begins with assisting in the employee evaluation process, setting relevant goals for each member and making small adjustments along the way.  From on-boarding to retirement or termination, let us guide you through the maze of employee management.

  • Internal Investigations

Be confident that you are in compliance when situations arise.  We have trained staff available to come to your facility and perform investigations.  From workplace accidents to harassment complaints ~ we’ve got you covered.

    • Job Descriptions

    • Employee Meetings Management

    • Benefits Management

  • And So Much More . . .